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How does autofilling a form work?

Fill the information in the contact profile, and when you select that contact to fill the role on a form, their information fills in the form in the correct place.


On the “Contact” page, you will see a number of tabs under “Info” for things like General, Address, Previous Address, Phones, Jobs, Educational History, I-94 History, and Custom Fields.

In these tabs, you will enter information that will be used to autofill your forms.

If you realize a piece of information is entered incorrectly, you will need to change it here.  You can think of this page as the “Master” page for your client’s information.  If you only enter information in a form, it will not be entered into the Prima database.

For example, if you fill a series of forms and discover an error in the spelling of the client’s name, you must return to the contact page, make the edit, then return to the case, navigate to the forms tab and click “Autofill All” to refresh all the forms with the updated information.  Now you can download the updated forms that will have the correctly spelled name.