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How to add another user to PrimaFacie?

Admin --> Users

To add a new user to your account,

  • Make sure you have the appropriate number of users selected in your subscription.AddUsers4
  • Click the account holder’s name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  • Select Administrator PanelAddUsers1
  • Select the tab “Users”AddUsers2
  • Click “Invite New User”
  • Enter their Email, First Name and Last NameAddUsers3

An email will be sent to invite them and instruct them on setting their password.

Note: if they do not receive the email, you can re-send the email from the “Users” tab.AddUsers2From the “Users” tab of the administrator panel, you will select if they are an “attorney” or not.  This controls whether forms can be populated with their information as the preparer.

  • From the “Users” tab you can also disable user accounts as well.